Monday, January 2, 2012

A NEW New Year!

Holy Hell, it's been a million years since the last post and a thousand things have changed. Let's correct that little error, shall we?

In honor of a new year, Erika and I (Allison) are participating in a 30-day drawing challenge! For the next 30 days, we will each be required to complete a single drawing every day. Each drawing will have a theme which we select the day before. Although it's just a self-inflicted homework challenge, I can't wait to see what strange things we pull out of the drawing hat (in my case, the rather rusty drawing hat).

Also, in an effort to a) improve my drawing output, b) investigate the new city I have moved to (Houston), and c) distract myself from my otherwise lackluster day-to-day existence, Erika has given me a drawing assignment:

Take a bus someplace in Houston. Once there, photograph an object/structure. Go home. Draw the thing you have photographed, but add some legs.

...So, here you go...

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